Thursday, June 21, 2012

Site: Stop Malvertising

Bookmark this site, it contains a lot of information about every type of scams you might encounter during your life within the online advertising industry and beyond. There is a tweeter feed that you can follow and a website:

So... You want to make money with your site

Being in contact with so many people working in the online advertising industry sharing their experiences on how to make money with their site gives a good overview of how everybody is doing it. Which technology they are using? How do they organize their inventory? Which tools they are using to measure their traffic and their audience ?

So, bases on those facts and questions, I will try to answer and suggest the best way to put more salt on your dishes (but not too much), so you can live your life in the online advertising industry better and more enjoyable.

Therefore, I will start from scratch, meaning like a start-up opening a new website, and illustrate what could be the challenges this start-up will face and opportunities it can have and start being the next trending site to advertise on.

So, in the coming weeks I will cover the different stages from rag to rich (may be):

  - Inventory Management: site, my traffic, my audience.
  - Putting advertising on my page.
  - Generate Revenue.
  - Optimizing.

Along with each article, I will establish some polls for you, so you will participate on building the result of the survey at the end of the story.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grand Opening...

I finally decided to bring under the blogging spotlights. I will be posting in here some of the thoughts I have about the advertising industry, about tips and trick about richmedia javascript creations, along with some populated information finds on other sites.

Keep you posted very soon.